Introduction –

The Helping Hands Trust has designed a program solely for the youth by the name ‘Youth Squad’ as we believe they are our future. Through this program we ensure to polish the skills of the young to combat all kinds of social, educational and health problems they may face in their life. We also help them to accustom to all these problems so they can face all challenges that come their way with pure excellence, benefiting from this program at the same time.

Our program will instill motivation, confidence and the ability to be optimistic into the youth so they can set their goals with great devotion and also live up to them. We hope to convey our vision to the youth, and help the ones who are already self-motivated and confident but are unable to choose a set career path for themselves. Our NGO aspires to change the way our young minds work and instill the ability to think positively into them to change their way of thinking through our program.

Youth Squad offers Social Activists, and Social workers to engage the youth to pertain in activities like Seminars, Training sessions, and workshops as well as facilitate them with benefits like Medical and Financial Assistance, various incentives or discounting coupons to keep them motivated and active members of our project.


Through “Youth Squad” we aim to facilitate young minds to stay focused and to ensure they hold power to create change within themselves. We hope to attain the following objectives to maintain and continue the work to lead the young minds of our society –

  • To promote better understanding amongst each other in developing youth leadership.
  • To give each individual the equal opportunity to develop their skills, knowledge and learn something meaningful from our project ‘Youth Squad’.
  • To create and maintain a platform for the youth to discover how to project their voice in this society and discover their talents.
  • To help create a forum where innovative ideas can be exchanged to make our society and this program better by taking feedbacks timely.
  • To provide equal opportunities to the people working regardless of their gender identity; and discourage discrimination at all levels.
  • To guarantee that all individuals who benefit from this project will provide a positive contribution not only to themselves, but also to the society.


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