The Helping Hands Trust aims to endow education as a medium for knowledge to the people in need of their help, and to make sure they participate in the initiatives taken by them to build an empire of hope for the ones in need to lead to a sustainable future.
Media being the main source of communication nowadays, HHT has decided to use it in its advantage. Our NGO has taken an initiative at a larger scale to broaden its perspective by introducing their very own Web TV known as HHTTv.net. This channel will help HHT to raise awareness amongst society resulting in a bigger impact towards the betterment of our society.

HHTTv.net will provide a platform to spread the voice to the viewers in eradicating the basic social problems like unemployment and illiteracy, inviting anybody willing to help channel their goals in an efficient way. We also envision ourselves to make short films, documentaries or initiate seminars to take place and make sure to webcast those through our network so our hope to target out as many people possible remains successful. At the same time, we also encourage other NGOs to use our platform and partner with us to continue to improve livelihoods.


The Helping Hands Trust aims to highlight and discover all arising problems in our society and provide the best possible solutions to their problems. Our program is specially designed to cater to those problems and attain the required objectives of our organization –

  • To impart education irrespective of a person’s race, ethnicity, color or gender.
  • To reach out to number of viewers as to attain our target to increase our viewership as a channel.
  • To ensure youth participation so no individual goes back without learning.
  • To empower and equip our people with the required tools needed for their training and outcomes.
  • To give out as many employment opportunities as possible through our project to eliminate unemployment from its root.
  • To conduct life changing and personality changing sessions from time to time to benefit each individual in any way possible.
  • To work solely for the interest of the Web TV, and not for any personal interest or motive behind it.


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