Unemployment is the base of so many social, political, and economical issues such as poverty, corruption, bribery, theft, and what not. As unemployment is directly proportional to poverty, it is giving root to the increasing crime rate in our society.  Through the project, ‘Job Bank’ we provide ample of job opportunities in our largely populated country, and also properly allocate our abundant manpower simultaneously. ‘Job Bank’ is initiated by our NGO to put an end to all basic problems like no awareness, lack of skills or resources, financial assistance, and procrastination, by providing them with a platform to showcase their talents in return for good remuneration packages.

We realize that our country has plentiful undiscovered skills and potential, and we aim to hunt for that through this program. Skilled and non-skilled individuals are a need of every growing organization, therefore through this initiative we are not only going to be providing families with breadwinners but we are also going to be helping out companies by equipping them with suitable employees according to their given requirements.
‘Job Bank’ has been originated to revolutionize the platform of helping out people, and we sincerely hope to attain its planned objective and be the ultimate source of help for all individuals in our society.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To minimize the rate of unemployment in our society so that other  ills like poverty, dishonesty, corruption, black marketing etc. can also be diminished
  • To keep an eye out for potential employees and provide them jobs as soon as possible so that their skills don’t go to waste
  • To supply industries and other businesses with worthy employees to assist them and increase their manpower
  • To assist the youth with their jobs so that they can get a clear idea of how practical life works and how to efficiently handle what they learn
  • To provide employment even to those who are unskilled and find suitable jobs for them so that they don’t have to turn to begging and stealing as a way out
  • To induce self-reliance and confidence in our society and to enable our youth to become the future pioneers of our society
  • To ensure no jobs are given solely on the basis of gender identity, but to be given equal opportunities to both males and females



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