Demoralized, discouraged and anxious. These three words summarize most of our nation’s youth.  In a world full of chaos and turmoil, it is very common for this generation to be confused about what they want to do. Problems like anxiety, depression and hopelessness are hackneyed. But we believe that with a little effort, we can fight it all back. HHT provides a platform for the helpless young people to discover, learn, polish, and grow their true inner selves and become able adults who can successfully contribute to our society and serve our country at the right time.

HHT also makes sure to provide young people with adequate knowledge and skills for them to implement in their real lives by conducting career counseling sessions, seminars or impactful guest speaker sessions for their benefit.  The people who have hidden abilities and talents instilled in them naturally but have no way of discovering them, our NGO is our go-to place for such people as it assists them and ensures to bring out their absolute best in front of an audience.  FDP is originated to attain its objectives to completion by making all these individuals active members of our society so they can too lead a prosperous future.

Aims and Objectives:

  • To counsel the youth out of their desperate stage where they feel like they are lost and alone, and just be there for them and help them through this phase
  • To motivate them and guide them through their respective paths so that they can learn to develop confidence building.
  • To improve their habits and behaviors in accordance with acceptable social standards, simultaneously teaching them basic ethics and etiquettes.
  • To help them resolve any inner conflict they are facing and to make them understand that they are not alone in fighting this battle and that our support will be constant.
  • To assist them in setting a goal for themselves for which proper career counseling will be given so that they can decide on an aim and remain focused on it.
  • To help them discover themselves and how to deal with difficult situations in life to face challenges
  • To build their relationships with others through harmony so that they can feel a sense of nearness


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