Team HHT did preparation for Eid Gifts wrapping

Blessings of ALLAH

HE Send Angels On Earth To Help People Who Step To Help HIS Fellow Man.

Under the Ramzan Campaign آؤ_رحمتیں_سمیٹیں اور #خوشیاں_بانٹیں    HHT arranged gifts distribution among needy and street children

عید سے پہلے عید ALHAMDU LILLAH Preparation of Eid Gifts Distribution.

Thanks for our  Well-Wishers-HHT Around For Support.

Chairman HHT Advocate Anwer Ali Faridi supported , encouraged and shared great ideas for implementing to serve for the humanity .

In this entire activity we have   kind support of Mr.Ashraf Majeed  to provide Eid Clothes .

A Step Of Helping Hands Trust to Provide Eid Gifts among Deserving Children, Families and Patients Admitted In Hospitals Of Karachi. at  June 24th, 2017 besides this among gypsies living at the road side of National Highway Karachi.

It was tremendous to distribute gifts as well as the happiness of those children can’t be share in words.


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