Share Your Blessings…………..with Old ladies.

ALHAMDULILLAH its a great honor to have such meetups with these lonely old mothers who are living far from their homes . They have homes and family but due to unfortunate happening they have to live alone without their kids and family.

For The Reason spreading Smile on the faces of Old Souls Helping Hands Trust under its Ramazan Campaign #آؤ_رحمتیں_سمیٹیں اور #خوشیاں_بانٹیں arranged an Old Home Visit namely #خوشیوں_کا_احساس_اپنوں_کے_ساتھ at Bint-e-Fatima Old Home on June 15th, 2017 .

The Visit Specially Design To Share Strong Grief from Old Hearts

To Spread Smile on Old Faces

To Have Iftar with Old Souls

In this visit HHT has arranged A day Iftaar and monthly special necessities of those mothers especialyy for their health.

HHT pay Thanks To All Our Guest Visitors Mr. Shahzad Akhter President PEAK Private School Association Sindh Ms. Danish Batool Zaidi Kiran Sitara 0 IRD Pakistan Mr. Muhammad Bilal Indus Hospital Ms. Farah Niazi and Ms. Neelam Abbas Artist and Designer Ms. Kanza Kanwal Sindh Girls Scouts The entire Team of HHT Thankful To Our All Well-Wishers, Supporters and Volunteers.


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