Know that generosity is one of the attribute of Allah the Exalted, as revealed in hadith below:

إن الله تعالى جواد يحب الجود ويحب معالي الأخلاق ويكره سفسافها

“Indeed, Allah the Exalted is the Giver, He love generosity and noble manners, He detest bad manners.” (Narrated by Al Baihaqi, classed Sahih by Al Albani in ‘Shahihul Jami’, 1744)

The messenger of Allah -peace and prayer of Allah be upon him- said:

والصدقة تطفىء الخطيئة كما تطفىء الماء النار

“Giving alms can erase sins just like water ceases fire.” (Narrated by Tirmidhi, classed sahih by Al Albani in Shahih AtTirmidzi, in hadith no. 614)

Alhamdulillah the Holy & blessed month of Ramadan has come to shower its endless blessings & to get us revive our soul by Fasting, Prayers, Charity.

Allah opens & widest the doors of his mercy  & invites us to the home of peace & paradise .Insha’Allah like every year we promise to fulfill it with all good deeds.

HHT has launched a great project specially designed for the month of Holy Ramadan by the name of HHT RASHAN WASEELA for supporting poor, needy & unprivileged families of society who is surviving in remote areas, where they don’t have afford food. It is a great opportunity for getting greets to the donors for supporting them & allows every Muslim to enjoy worships & fasting without perplexing of food.

It is happens just because of your generosity that Helping Hands Trust can distribute Rashan (Grocery)  to them throughout the blessed month with all their basic necessities

Alhamdulilah by the Grace of Allah and support of our board of governors, members, friends & Volunteers HHT keep distributing  Rashan (grocery)   hampers to families in the month of Ramdan.

HHT wants to target need & unprivileged families of Karachi and Remote areas of sindh as well .

“Nobody Other Than ALLAH, Can Feed Others” “HE Blessed HIS People To Serve Others” ALHAMDU LILLAH With The Grace OF Almighty ALLAH and the kind and backing support of our Chairman HHT Advocate Anwer Ali Faridi for this noble cause Helping Hands Trust under it’s project #راشن_وسیلہ (Rashan Waseela ) Distributed Rashan(Grocery ) Bags among more than hundred of deserving and families respectively on June 08, 2017 at Blooming Garden, Gulshan Chowrangi, Karachi.

All Families were strongly verified by HHT’s Trustful Resources and invited from each area of City. The distribution was arranged at open, wide and breezy Hall to facilitate families in best possible and respectable way.

HHT specially Thankful to our Dearest Chairman Mr. Anwer Ali Faridi for his all encouragement and kind support which made possible to run this Rashan Distribution of Ramazan Campaign. we love to Thanks To Our Chief Board of Governor Mr. Anwar Mansoor Khan For his all time Support and advises.

We are very Thankful To : Mr. Jamal Al-Shehab (member Board of Governors HHT), Mr. Azhar Ali Khan (member Board of Governors HHT) Mr. Saqib Iqbal (member Board of Governors HHT) Mr. Osajah Naqvi (member HHT) Ms. Sidra Batool (member HHT) Mr. Fahad Hussain (member HHT) Mr. M. Ali Khan (member HHT) Ms. Rashida Zafar Ali (Finance Secretary HHT) Mr. Asif Butt and Mr. Mansoor Ali Shah For their Facilitation ,support and efforts for this noble cause.



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