Youth is considered as the future of the Nation and a hope for the survival of the country. In order to have a promising and bright future, we need Enthusiastic, Dedicated & Strong young people. Helping Hands Trust aims to build young leaders and provide our country with such youth who have a vision and is actively self motivated.

Leadership is an inborn quality but now days it has been neglected due to lack of awareness, guidance and adequate Environment.

A true leader steps up in times of crisis, and is able to think and act creatively in difficult situations

Leadership Conference to raise leadership in youth for making an environment, enhancing leadership qualities and develop interpersonal skills especially in students of technology and professional studies to realize leadership trades and their implementation within particular domains.

This Activity will take students towards patriotism and make them able to put their part/ vital role for the prosperity of Pakistan.

ALHAMDU LILLAH Helping Hands Trust mark another wonderful Day with Energetic and Determined Youth Future of Our Nation University Of Karachi Leadership Conference 2.0 Held at Special Education Department- UoK at April 27th 2017 .

Conference was mainly focused ” Thoughts of Iqbal” to shape our Future Builders through his philosophies and concepts of عقابی روح اور شاھین Through our Marvelous International Trainer Mr. Muhammad Arif Azemi Director National Institute of Nurturing Training and Habit .

Guest Speakers for their soul provoking words Prof. Dr. Shahida Sajjad Deen Greenwich University Mr. Shahzad Akhter President PEAK Private School Association Sindh Dr. Saira Saleem Asst. Professor and Student Advisor Special Education Department Mr. Muhammad Saad Malik District Central Youth Councillor .

The objective is to :

To aware youth about Leadership

To maximize the understandings and build  Young Leaders

To give the exposure and make familiar Youth about the leadership qualities


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